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    If you are ACTIVE on social media channels, people will follow you because your content gives them added value.

    But the biggest problem most entrepreneurs face is they don't know what to post.

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  • Subject: 😰 What should I post?

    Hello, (name)

    Do you often ask yourself this question about what to post? I know how you feel. Do you often feel that way too?

    🤷‍♂ You don't know where to start?
     💡 You don't have enough ideas?
    💬 You don't know what to talk about?
    😰 Are you frustrated❓?

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    Instead, you'd rather ...

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  • Subject: 🚀 365 Business & Success templates (editable in Canva)

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    Imagine you had 365 Instagram post templates for the next 12 months? I have good news for you.

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    Do you know these problems?

    ❌ You have no ideas or you don't know what to post.
    ❌ You have good ideas but the quality of the content is low.
    ❌ You have no plan & post what's on your mind.
    ❌ You work hard but you get no results.
    ❌ You have little to no time to create the content.

    If you can answer at least one YES, then you need these templates here. And the best? All templates are editable in Canva!

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  • Subject: 😱 Passive on Instagram?

    Hello, (name)

    What if I told you that you can automate the Instagram game and relax while it works for you?

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    There are 2 variants:

    Option 1: Create your own infographics & lose a lot of time & energy through research and the creation of your posts.


    Option 2: Use ready-made Canva templates, use your branding colors, add your logo and save time and energy.

    Infographics have been shown to be three times more effective than just an image or text. That's because infographics combine data & design into an easy-to-understand image that is both beautiful and useful. Infographics are the trend and many infographics sites have grown exponentially.

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